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    1. April 1899
    The history of Kroesche companys starts on the 1 of april 1899 when Mr. August Kroesche starts a blacksmith workshop in Holzminden.

  • In this year his son August gets into the company. He starts with the production of vehicles for transportation of wood.

  • After the war the company starts with vehicle manufactoring.

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    The company moved into a new building / workshop in Holzminden.

  • After the education as an engineer Dieter Kroesche starts working in the company, which in the meantime has rised to one of the leading steel construction companys in the county. The business gets bigger and bigger. Also they needed mobile cranes for the erecting of the steel structures.

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    The first mobile crane was bought (costs 127.500 DM). In the following years more and more mobile cranes were needed for the whole construction industry in germany. The crane fleet of Kranverleih Kroesche gets bigger and bigger.

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    Verheben der Bohrköpfe beim Bau der Gletscherbahn Kaprun

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    Kroesche-Kran Service was founded in the way, the company is still existing. The complete crane fleet is renewed by hydraulic mobile cranes. In that period the business part where Kroesche cranes build up prefabricated houses is getting bigger

    Following that, more and more truck mounted mobile cranes with special equipment were bought to bulid up the prefabricated houses. The new concept of one crane company as a partner for all needs of the customer around mobile cranes finds more and more friends in the industry of prefabricated buildings in germany.

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    Liebherr 25 to Autokran t.

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    After the reunion in germany the number of prefabricated houses which were build has rised very fast. In the peak level up to 160 houses per day were erected under the coordination of Kroesche-Kran Service.

    The headoffice moved into the new office building at Carl-Hampe-Straße 3.



The company has grown to the leading crane specialist for assembling of prefabricated constructions in Germany. 40 bases in whole Germany are working under the coordination of the headquarter in Holzminden.

With a team of approx. 50 persons, the company is errecting approx. 10.000 prefabricated houses in whole Germany during one year. This is 80-90% of all prefabricated houses build in germany per year.

It makes Kroesche-Kran Service to the leading crane service company for the industry of prefabricated houses. At the peak level we build up to 100 houses per day.

Every crane order which we receive in our headquarter will be done at every place and at every time.

Based on our capacities we can do all crane service for residential homes, industrial and business buildings.

Quality thinking and personal service to our customers is what distinguishes our company.

The main focus of our company policy is the customer and our commitment to quality, safety, health and environment.

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